We want to make sure that the media center is open and welcoming to everyone. Students are expected to follow all school regulations and expectations while they are in the media center, as well as any expectations specific to the media center. Students should take care of the materials they use, as they are part of the media center collection and must be kept in good shape so all students can use them.


General Visiting Rules

1. Students must have a pass if they are are not with a class.

2. Keep your voices at a low volume and your bodies calm. 

3. No food or beverages in the media center.

4. Students are allowed to check out two books at a time for two weeks. 

5. Clean up after yourselves before leaving the media center. 


Student Responsibilities

By checking out materials from the Media Center, you are establishing that you will:

  • will take care of the materials checked out to you. Keep track of them, and try your best not to damage them or lose them.
  • will pay for or replace lost or damaged materials.
  • will secure all materials checked out to you in a safe place. 
  • will return all materials to the media center within 2 weeks of your checkout date. Do not give your materials to other students or teachers to hand in.

Please and Thank You!