What does it mean to be a responsible Media Center Patron?

General Visiting Rules

1. Students must have a pass if they are are not with a teacher.

2. Keep your voices at a low volume and your bodies calm. 

3. No food or beverages in the media center.

4. Students are allowed to check out one book at a time for two weeks. 

5. Clean up after yourselves before leaving the media center. 


Student Responsibilities

By checking out materials from the Media Center, you are establishing that you will:

  • will take care of the materials checked out to you. DO NOT adandon them and try your best not to damage them or lose them.
  • will pay for or replace lost or damaged materials.
  • will secure all materials checked out to you in a safe place. 
  • will return all materials to the media center within 2 weeks of your checkout date. DO NOT give your materials to other students or teachers to hand in.

Please and Thank You!