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Franklin Virtual Open House - ZOOM (January)

      Video Recording Link - January 20th, 2021
      Agenda Link
      Q/A Section:

      Q: Can you tell us about the transition from another Telescope program at another middle school to Telescope 8th Grade?

          A: Minneapolis Public Schools follows the same scope and sequence for all telescoped math pathways and curriculum. Our counselors communicate with each other to ensure the proper placement of all courses, including telescoped math. If a student is already enrolled in telescoped math and transitioning to Franklin, they can expect to jump into the curriculum where they left off in the telescoped pathway sequence from their previous school. 

      Q: Is there lego robotics?

          A: Yes, Franklin currently has lego robotics with GEMS/GISE, and we are growing our curriculum to include more robotics and programming within the school day. Next year we will also have first lego league and first tech challenge robotics teams, and we will be working closely with our community partners to provide many more STEAM activities.

      Q: Will students be learning about history??

          A: Yes, Franklin students will be learning about history throughout many of their classes, and specifically in their social studies classes. Currently the social studies classes are MN Studies, US Studies, and World Studies.

      Q: What programming does Franklin have as a magnet that does not exist for community middle schools?

          A: As part of our transition to a STEAM magnet school we will have a makerspace, a staff dedicated to project based learning, advanced robotics programs, robotics programming during the school day, STEAM Intercession Learning Days, GEMS-GISE themed STEAM academy and advanced robotics, thematic community partnerships, integrated arts and exhibitions, integrated engineering experiences in science, integration of learning across all content areas with project based learning, STEAM areas of specialization, capstone STEAM projects, STEAM graduation certificate, and a dedicated STEAM TOSA on staff.

      Q: Do you expect your programming to change significantly next year?

          A: With the CDD rollout, there will be certain programs that will be built over time and other pieces of the STEAM Magnet Transition that will happen immediately and strengthen over time. One thing that will happen immediately is the cross-curricular transition that all students will receive STEAM learning in all of their classes. All teachers will be receiving training and professional development in STEAM to incorporate in all classes as well as our school-wide goal of project based learning. 

      Q: Is robotics available for all grades? My grandson will be in 7th grade next year. This would be so his thing!

          A: Yes. Robotics will be available for all grades. 

      Q: I’m in telescope math in 5th grade, will I get to be in telescope math for 6th grade and on?

          A: If you are currently a 5th grader in telescoped math, you will continue on the telescoped math pathway and start in the telescoped 7/8 math course as a 6th grader. 

      Q: How much time in each grade is allocated to electives??

          A: Depending on individual interest and student elective choice selection, students can expect at least one class per day for electives, where most students will have two. 

      Q: Are students on a block schedule or do they have the same classes every day?

          A: The students will have the same classes every day and will be on a six period day plus advisory. 

      Q: What is the and end time for school??

          A: For the current school year, the end time is 4:00 PM. For the 2021-2022 School Year, the bell times will be from 8:40 AM until 3:10 PM. 

      Q: Is there an aeronautic class?

          A: Aeronautics is one of our 3 themes (Aerospace, Forensics, and Mapping) that are integrated into all classes at Franklin. So we do not have a stand-alone aerospace or aeronautics class, but scholars will be studying aerospace through many different lenses throughout their middle school career at Franklin.

      Q: What are the projected class size for each grade?

          A: We pride ourselves on having smaller class sizes currently, however, depending on the course and nature of the course, some classes may be larger. In general, class sizes can be between 20 and 30 students. 

      Q: Are there before-school activities?

          A: There are not currently before-school activities. Due to the earlier start time and transportation, we are unable to offer before school activities on site. There is, however, a strong after school program with connections to our community partners, Beacons and Project Success as well as ALC. 

      Q: Am I correct that Franklin is currently a 355 student middle school, transitioning to a ~550 student STEAM magnet?

          A: Yes those are Franklin's projected scholar numbers from the Minneapolis Public Schools Comprehensive District Design.

      Q: Why were those particular 3 "themes" chosen, and how do they come to life in classrooms?

          A: At Franklin a STEAM focus group of staff meets on Fridays and chose the three themes (Aerospace, Forensics, and Mapping). These themes matched many of the major STEAM projects franklin scholars currently do, and the themes can be applied to all classes in order to make new project based experiences for scholars.

      Q: As a magnet school, will busing be provided district wide?

          A: Yes. All students in Minneapolis Public Schools have the option to enroll at Franklin and transportation should be provided, regardless of school zone. 

      Q: Do scholars rotate through the electives or do they choose 2 each year?

          A: Students have the opportunity to select classes that are of interest to them. The duration of elective classes vary depending on the course, and most students have new electives each semester.

      Q: What are the after school programs at Franklin?

          A: While each year the after school programs and offerings are based upon student choice and interest, we offer: GISE/GEMS, drumming, debate, yearbook club, student council, outdoor clubs (Loppett), math corps tutoring, cooking, art club, and other clubs based on student interest. 

      Q: How many class periods per day, and do students go to the same class every day?

          A: The students will have the same classes every day and will be on a six period day plus advisory. 

      Q: Is band only offered after school?

          A: Band is offered every day during the school day as a possible elective. 

      Q: Will you have IB curriculum next year?

          A: Because Franklin Middle School will be a Magnet school, we will not have formal IB curriculum, however, a lot of the components and offerings that Franklin has will align with IB and the MYP Programme. The cross-curricular alignment and units that are encompassed at IB schools as well as all of the elective offerings and opportunities for language development will also be part of Franklin Middle School STEAM Magnet. 

      Q: Does Franklin have a theatre program?

          A: Franklin does not currently have a theater program, however, we have a plan to further develop our theater program in the next few years and we further develop and build out the STEAM program. One of our starts is focusing on providing physical planning and structures to our current theater and partnering with community partners to create musicals and theater productions within their current classes. 

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