My son Anthony and I

Dear Franklin Familes,

New Years has come and gone and time is moving along very quickly in the 8th grade! As we wrap up quarter two we are working on research essays and multimedia presentations. Students were asked to write a research essay on a natural disaster and then create a multimedia presentation on their findings. They are enjoying taking on leadership roles in the classroom and teaching each other about natural disasters through these presentations.

Some of the Minnesota 8th grade ELA standards we are working on are:

  1. I can write an informative text which examines a topic. (

  2. I can develop my topic thoroughly using relevant, well-chosen facts, details, quotations and other information including examples. (

  3. I can use transition words and phrases to guide the reader through an informative text. (,

  4. I can produce clear understandable informative writing. (

  5. I can use research from several sources to answer a question. (

    I can quote or paraphrase information while avoiding plagiarism. (

              I can find and use relevant, credible and sufficient evidence  from nonfiction to support my claims. (


The 8th grade will be taking their FAST test in the month of January. This is a way for us to see progress in our scholars. These results will be available to you at or even before conferences.

Remember, although your scholar does not have homework every night parents can encourage learning at home! Having your child read for a half hour per night and discussing it helps your child with reading stamina, comprehension and fluency! 

We are hoping to start our 3rd novel of the year in the next couple weeks. The 8th grade is also busy planning field trips to the science museum and to see TWO theater dance performances! As we get closer to spring and your children are getting closer to finishing their last year as middle schoolers, please do not hesitate to call us with questions, comments or concerns.


Thank you,

Jen Clement